Brookhouse Development Group Background

Brookhouse Development Group CIC (BHDG) was established in May 2015 by an assembly of individuals concerned with the positive development of the community of Brookhouse and its surrounding areas.

Although considerable community work was already being undertaken by the group in addressing areas of concern raised by members of the community,the conception of a Community Interest Company (CIC) was pivotal to the extension of the group’s activities and services. This allows the Group to move forward on a ‘Not For Profit’ trading basis to allow for sustainability in future.

The assembly of volunteers had previously worked together on numerous community-based projects ranging from assisting in the construction of a local mosque to offering services pertaining to funerals and cemetery maintenance.

However, with increasing demand for more services, it was essential for BHDG to create a sustainable model through which it could spread its delivery of its aims and objectives. Thus, it was decided that the group would assume CIC status. For more information please look in the latest news section where you can find out more about CICs.

BHDG’s position is clear; to work relentlessly with the benefit of the community at the heart of all its core activities. BHDG believes that the greatest benefit to the community will be achieved by consulting members of the community, and through collaborative work with other organisations. As such, BHDG has already formed relationships with fellow community groups to provide the relevant services to its clients.

The prevalent theme of community service found in the projects undertaken prior to securing CIC status remain true as BHDG strive to ensure the positive development of the residents of Brookhouse, Blackburn and its surrounding areas.

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