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If you are struggling to locate the grave of a beloved individual or can not find the grave within the Pleasington Cemetery, please complete the form below and allow the BHDG BC Team assist you in this matter.  Alternatively, you may click this link to download a pdf of the form to submit manually.

If you are struggling to complete the form or require any assistance, please call one of the BHDG team member on 07703 228796.

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    - PLEASE TICK TO ACCEPT (required) Permission from the above mentioned family member/relation; to allow BHDG Cemetery Group to research and provide details of the location of the grave within Pleasington Cemetery. This information will be kept on a secure database and will only be disclosed to the above mentioned family member/relation.

    We would very much appreciate your feedback on how BHDG have helped your family. Follow this link to The Burial Team Feedback Page to complete the form

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