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Brookhouse Development Group – The Story So Far

A brief story of our progress so far - A huge thank you to all our volunteers and the groups who have helped us...

BHDG Assist the Community to Pack a Container with Daily Essentials for Africa.

BHDG volunteers assist the community of Lancashire to load a container of daily essentials for the grief stricken people of Africa.

Muslim Burial Rights and Ritual Training for the Local Community of Blackburn

BHDG and local scholars join forces to deliver knowledge of the rights and rituals of a Muslim burial. Delivered over three sessions, the aim...

First Aid Training For BHDG Volunteers by the North West Ambulance Service

The BHDG volunteers partaking in life saving 1st Aid Training on Sunday morning, provided by the friendly local paramedic from the North West Ambulance...

BHDG Awarded the 1V OneVoice ‘Institute of the Year’ at the Community Champion Ceremony

We're very humbled and grateful to receive the "Institute of the Year" award! Thank you to EVERYONE in the community!

Brookhouse Development Group shortlisted for the ‘Institute of the Year’ by 1V OneVoice

Brookhouse Development Group shortlisted for the 1V Community Champion ‘Institute of the year’ award.  

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Pray Shelter Refurbishment At Pleasington Cemetery

BHDG volunteers join forces with local professionals to refurb the Pray Shelter at Pleasington Cemetery, Blackburn.

Age Concern Winter Warmer. Winter Warmer Hampers To The Elderly

Staff from Age UK are happy to accept from BHDG and TIBHS ‘Winter Warmer Hampers’ to hand over to the beloved elderly of Blackburn,...

Winter Warmer Project – Delivering Winter Warmer Hampers To Patients At Blackburn Royal Hospital.

Local volunteers, local companies and local families come together to help BHDG and TIBHS create and deliver winter warmer hampers to the patients of...

BHDG Volunteers Participate In Dementia Training Delivered By 1Voice

BHDG volunteers participate in Dementia training to become Dementia Friends; delivered by 1Voice at the local community centre.

Car Park Marshalling training at Pleasington Cemetery

Group of BHDG Volunteers, Blackburn councillors and Blackburn burial committee members take part in Car Park Marshalling training at Pleasington Cemetery, Blackburn.