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Our Vision

To bring about positive and sustained change within the local area (Brookhouse, Blackburn) around substance misuse
Our Aim
To prevent young people from becoming drug misusers; help reduce the use of drugs through increased participation in local drug treatment and help reduce drug related crime.

BHDG – DAG recognise that due to substance misuse there are many detrimental impacts on wider society and services. These include drain on limited Police resources, revolving door impacts on the NHS, housing, homelessness, as well as a number of other micro and macro factors.

BHDG – DAG is committed to helping to reduce and eliminate the damage to society through substance misuse, with guidance and support from stakeholders including Lancashire Constabulary and Blackburn with Darwen DAAT team. BHDG – DAG as a community based not for profit grass roots organisation, are firmly committed to supporting interventions that better utilise and reduce wastage of taxpayer funds.

The local community came together in July 2015 at the first BHDG – DAG (Drugs Advisory Group) consultation meeting to begin identifying local issues and developing a plan of action to address them.

After several follow-up meetings and a thorough review of the data, the community and Organisations involved in this process identified three priority areas on which to concentrate:

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  1. Drugs Awareness
  2. Drugs Advice
  3. Drugs Action